Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Happy Socks

So, I've been knitting some more socks. Sadly, the ones I was knitting when I last talked socks have turned out to be somewhat too small now that I've reached the foot (there is absolutely no hope of me getting them over my heels) and I've put them on hold until I can find the courage to rip them all the way back and start over. In the meantime, I've started on this pattern in this rather colourful Wendy Happy (colourway is Virgo). The yarn is bamboo based, rather than wool based and so it's a great yarn for my Hobnob, who chose the colour and the pattern.

Having started with the original 80 stitches, the sock was clearly huge. Adjustment to 70 stitches still seemed a little big so having fiddled a bit I took 64 as my best guess and off I went. Two pattern repeats in, all seemed to be going well, however I've just tried the sock on to photograph it for Ravelry (as demonstrated above) and I am somewhat concerned that it may now be too small. Grrr... fingers crossed?

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