Sunday, 17 May 2009

What should have been the Point State Park...

At Hobnob's suggestion I caught the bus downtown today to visit the Point State Park. Sadly, when I got there much of it looked like this:

It seems the park is largely closed. I think this is something to do with work that they're planning to do to renovate some features - on my way into the park I read a sign that suggested they were doing quite a bit of work over the coming year or so and that the most immediate work was to the walkways. Still, bit of a disappointment for potential explorers. That said, some of the park was accessible, particularly those bits at the edges. I started out by walking down the riverside, partly in the hope of finding a geocache near the Fort Duquesne Bridge (the Bridge to Nowhere). I did eventually find the cache, but only after banging my head rather hard on one of the struts - serves me right? And no, the cache wasn't under the bridge. Grrr....

Walked round the point of the Golden Triangle giving me a view of a few more bridges and the two nearby baseball stadiums (Heinz Field and PNC Park).

And round some more, to see one of the two inclines (but I can't quite tell which from Google maps) and yet more bridges!

Continued back towards the park entrance and stopped in at the Fort Pitt Museum for some postcards and then at the Blockhouse for a quick nose around (and some more postcards!). Was reminded as I browsed about the unluckiness of a rabbits foot - why exactly would I carry one of these things around with me for luck when the last individual that did got their limbs hacked off? Still, better than the whole rabbit skin you could buy at the museum :)

Having exhausted what little the mostly-closed park had to offer, I crossed the Fort Duquesne Bridge and paid a visit to the Korean War Memorial. Again seeking a geocache, this was a nice little space with an attractive water feature at which paddling was permitted. Had to get my feet wet to grab the cache but this was no hardship given the weather. Let my feet dry off in the sun as I did a bit of knitting. Just before I left the area I decided that I'd put the cache back somewhat more invisibly than I had found it so paddled a little again until I was happy with its position. Again a few rounds of knitting before putting my socks and shoes back on and walking along the riverside.

Carried on down the riverside hoping (and failing) to pick up another cache, before crossing back over the water on the Andy Warhol (Seventh Street) bridge. Wandered around confused for a while trying to find a couple of geocaches and/or the bus stop. Found my way home eventually :o)

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