Monday, 30 July 2007


Today I have fished a collection of girls out of some "mud" (cow dung). That's my heroics for the day.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Dear Mr. Council

Dear Mr. Council,

If you have to dig up the road - the same bits, every other month - do it in the daytime!

(And if you have to do it at night, with the road closed, do the lorries really need to beep and tell me they're reversing?)

Love from Me

(Enjoying another night of digging and yelling and lorries)

Friday, 27 July 2007

And Finally

I've just reach the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which means that tomorrow (later today) I shall start the beginning of the end!

(And they've conveniently stopped doing the road outside, so now is a good time to sleep)

G'night world.

The Cute Guy With The Umbrella

This wasn't actually what I was going to call this post, but it's as good as anything else I can think of.

It rained today! Very very heavily just as I left work. I left my jumper off as it was still warm and enjoyed getting soaked. But a very nice bloke shuffled close to me at the crossing so I could stand under his umbrella. He then walked with me to the tube which I thought was very sweet :) Thank you nice person with the umbrella from the meeting, I hope someone does something nice for you too!

Today's other bits of excitement... (I'm sure there were lots of them when I got in)

- Oooh! Owing to being soaking wet and shivering I had a very good hot shower just after I got home. I don't get to enjoy my showers so much at the moment because they generally occur too early in the morning. Very nice.

- My book from the late bookmooching man hasn't arrived yet. I suspect it will be "lost".

- Simon offered to have Mark's children at work today.

- I have forgotten what I was going to write and I know I had stuff.

Anyway... We went to Fran's tonight for a farewell meal which was really nice. There seemed to be an awful lot of people there for one reason or another (though there often is at Fran's). It's kinda odd not to be seeing them all around again lots though :( Had a very nice meal with Haze, Chris, Fran, Beth, Corrinne and Peter. Geoff and Warren were around for a bit before going for a curry and then Dave Bignall dropped round and Shannon came with Jo. A few other members of the church were also about (doing something spiritual I assume). It was good to see so many people before I go.

It's now rather on the late side for going to bed and there's another 150 pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to read before sleep.

Oh, and they're laying tarmac on the road outside my window - at 11pm! It's just a bit noisy but smells lovely.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

How you know you experienced the 90's?

How you know you experienced the 90's:

1) 10p Mr. Frosty Ice Pops on long summer days!
2) Gordon the Gopher!
3) You could do or tried to do the Prodigy step: You're no good for me.....
4) You owned or longed for an Adidas three stripe tracksuit
5) You owned a compilation tape with TOP TUNES such as Mr Vain, What is love, Rhythm is a dancer and How Bizarre, How Bizarre.
6) Girls thought Blue Mascara was cool!
7) Girls actually fancied Gary Barlow more than Robbie Williams
8) The Raccoons! (nuff said)
9) You owned a pair of Nike Air Max, and wore them to death
10) Mr. Motivator (What ever happened to him?)
11) Running on the spot dancing! (WAYHEY THE RUNNING MAN... )
12) You wore leggings/cycling shorts with long t-shirts
13) You owned a Benetton, NafNaf, sweater shop jumper or waistcoat or bag
14) Girls owned scrunchies in an array of colours and tacky headbands with their names written on in thick glitter
16) You bought Smash Hits for the song lyrics and the immense amount of stickers that you would stick everywhere!
17) You had a pen pal
18) You could only watch the Simpson's on sky
19) On a Saturday evening you watched Catchphrase, Gladiators, Generation Game, Noels House Party and then Casualty
20) You taped the Pepsi Chartshow on radio one and tried in vain to pause the tape before the annoying guy talked and ruined the whole thing.
21) Cans of Coke were 25p
22) 10p Space Raiders Crisps
23) A grey Fruit of the Loom jumper was a must have
24) Sharkie & George were the crimebusters of the sea
25) Puffa jackets
26) You used the line " it's a free country " every day
27) The Sky Sports Blimp!
28) Impulse body spray for girls
29) Hooch Alcoholic Lemonade (where's it gone?!)
30) 'Don't forget your toothbrush', 'TFI' and Big Breakfast with Chris Evans
31) You had at least one troll
32) You know the dance to Macarena and Saturday Night. You also tried to scat like Scatman John! Bi bat ba ba da bo...
33) You watched Baywatch and longed for the day that Eddie & Sharni got together!
34) You watched Byker Grove 'ha ha ha whatcha laughin at!' (the theme song ending), and saw PJ get shot in the eye with a paintball!
35) PJ and Duncan not Ant and Dec! Dodgy Pop Not Dodgy Presenting!
36) Shellsuits & bumbags!
37) You longed to live in Beverley Hills 90210
38) Home and Away was a prime time ITV programme watched by millions
39) You owned a Spice Girls album
40) Fruit salads and black jacks!
41) Strike it lucky on a sunday night with Michael Barrymore when he was straight & married
42) Chain letters
43) You had fake ID
44) You remember Todd Landers in Neighbours
45) You religiously watched Saved by the Bell on a Saturday morning!
46) You more than likely lost/nearly lost a wobbly tooth on a wham bar!!
47) CK one (probably the fake one from the market)
48) Going Live, then Live and Kicking was the place to be on a Saturday Morning - you know you remember the number 0181 811 8181
49) You knew every word to the theme tune from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
50) You collected Premier League Stickers and did swoops at playtime
51) Girls wore crappy lipstick such as - coffee shimmer, heather shimmer and birthday suit!
52) You wore kickers and wallaby's with the tags hanging from them
53) You thought saying - "I know you are, but what am I" to every insult that that came your way!
54) Love got the world in motion with the John Barnes Rap
55) when you used to run away from some thing and shout "leg iiiiiitt!!!"
56) Pods & Kickers were the thing.

How many of these would I rather not admit to?

That said, I'm pretty sure you can still get 10p Space Raiders - you could last year!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Why do we never learn? Too much of a good thing is still too much.

I've finally finished the last packet of Garibaldi biscuits from my desk drawer. Right at this moment I really hope I never have to see one ever again. I did like them, and I had completely forgotten they existed, but not anymore.

4/7 Down...

Yep, I finished the last few pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire earlier this evening. I was rather sad at the end. The first really Harry Potter death comes as a bit of a shock really (and yes I did know it happens - these are all rereads).

I am also sad generally for reasons unknown - I think I might be a girl!

Also happening in my world today...

* It's raining and we still can't drink the mains water.
* Work is sometimes hard.
* People are almost always hard.

But that all sounds rather miserable, I think I'd better think of some happy things to write...

* I am mostly packed up now and was very please that so much of it fitted into the car - I really didn't expect it to.
* I've just found the perfect CD to listen to.
* I bought a very lovely summer dress today (though I really didn't need to).

Monday, 23 July 2007

A Relaxing Weekend

My weekends at home have been few and far between for a long time. Whilst being away from home usually means a weekend of seeing people and doing fun things, it's good to have a weekend of just being, being quietly and being quiet.

I've spent today out in the sun (something I've not seen for a while), sat reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Aside from discovering what I think was a red ants nest, it has been a very nice day indeed.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Clean Sheets

Smoothly shaved legs in a freshly made bed feel so good.


Will somebody please tell me exactly how one acquires a seemingly endless supply of bruises (of varying sizes and in various locations) without ever remembering how they came across even a single one? Before anyone comes to the perhaps obvious conclusion, the answer to this question is not alcohol. So what is it...?

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Almost all packed up!

Yep, it's starting to look like I might actually reach the end! It does now look like my room is getting nearer to empty. It's never all going to fit in the car! Another time perhaps.

In other news...

* I'm thirsty
* I need a shower
* I really like this Godfrey Birtill song

Or indeed, there is no news!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Thank You Mr. Postman

A very quick arrival indeed - my watch is here!

I like it when the postman delivers things. I'm not entirely sure what they're all striking over at the moment (which is a bit slack really) but I like my post so I think they should make it all better soon please.

I haven't written any letters to the postman recently. Maybe I should.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Facebook Phenomenon

I've just got a friend request and private message on Facebook from a girl I knew in High School. It's funny this Facebook lark - you get friend requests from people you'd completely forgotten existed but as soon as you do you remember them all over again!

I have rather more than the ideal number friends on Facebook which makes it pretty hard to actually follow what people are up to, but it it is nice when you suddenly find someone you'd completely lost touch with. All of a sudden, all those people trapped in school uniform in your memories are real people with degrees and jobs and lives. Very odd!

The Chaos That Is...


I'm surrounded by chaos.

It's a very curious thing is packing. I sort of feel I'm doing a good job because I have packed a big pile of boxes and it's not midnight the night before someone comes to collect my things. On the other hand, I feel like I've really done nothing. I look around my room and it's still full of stuff - the only difference now being that the stuff is all over the floor. It's very satisfying when you're done but until the last thing is hidden in a box I suspect I shall continue to feel I have achieved nothing.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Harry Potter Week

Only five more days until the new (and final) Harry Potter book is released. I won't be queueing up to buy it at Midnight but I did pre-order my copy today so I can read it before someone reveals the plot. It's a slight frustration because I don't really want a hardback copy but I also don't want to find out the ending before being able to read it.

In the meantime, this week's little project is to reread all the previous Harry Potter books so I'm ready for the new one. I picked up the 4 books I was missing today at lunch and started the first on the way home. I'd forgotten quite how good they are. Perhaps they got less good later on, but I really don't remember the first book being quite as good as this. (It's also a bit more of a kids' book than I remembered.)

I've just finished the first one so will pick up the second one from my desk at work tomorrow to read on the way home from work. After that I'm stuck because my copies of the third and fifth books are currently in Liverpool. I shall ask my Dad to bring them down with him at the weekend.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Saffy is going to see Wicked! (again)

I've just booked tickets for my Dad and I to see Wicked (the musical) at the weekend which is very nice and shiny. Just a small gripe about TicketMaster's checkout though - it doesn't tell you that it's going to send the tickets to your billing address until after you've bought the tickets which is most inconvenient. Still, much show excitement to be had!

Love is...

... hard to explain.

Except, when you try to explain what love isn't. Today at the chuch day we sang the Godfrey Birtill song "When I Look at the Blood". Now, whilst this is a Christian song, there's still a chunk of it that stands more than well enough without any sort of faith at all (or at least I think it should).

So what can't be seen in an example of Love?
I can't see competition
I can't see hierachy
I can't see pride or prejudice or the abuse of authority
I can't see lust for power
I can't see manipulation
I can't see rage or anger or selfish ambition...
I can't see unforgiveness
I can't see hate or envy
I can't see stupid fighting or bitterness,or jealousy.
I can't see empire building
I can't see self importance
I can't see back stabbing or vanity or arrogance.
(Godfrey Birtill 2004 © Whitefield Music UK Admin Copycare)

Maybe it's just me, but this seems to be a very beautiful idea and one I wish I thought I was vaguely close to. Something to aim for I guess.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Saffy is the winning bidder on a Snoopy watch!

It's ebay time again. I keep intending to get on and sell those Rocket Dog shoes, but instead I have been a-buying things. At least this time I was actually looking for the things I bought:

Saff's New Snoopy Watch2 Snoopy Handkerchiefs
1 Snoopy watch

Oh my, that Snoopy watch is pretty. Why is Japan so far away and why doesn't the postman deliver to me on a Sunday evening? Patience...

Saffy is Snoopy-obsessed! Yay!


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