Wednesday, 30 December 2009

FO: It Snows Scarf

This thing has been awaiting finishing for the best part of a month. It took all of about two days to knit and then it hung on the door until I could be bothered sticking the fringe on. Now, all done!

This is the first of three white knitted costume items I've agreed to knit for the upcoming Dukes Senior Youth Theatre production of It Snows.

Pattern:: Dropped Yarnover Scarf by Marnie Ann Joyce.
Yarn: Stylecraft Special Chunky in colour 1001 - White
Project: online on Ravelry

Sunday, 27 December 2009

It's Not About The Numbers...

...but this is a neat map of the UK showing which counties I've cached in (source: Looks like I mostly hide out in the North West/Midlands with two tiny forays outside... one to the North East (that was a flying visit to Newcastle travelling home from a camp one Sunday night) and one to the South East (that was a short stay in Guildford for Transformers).

[NOTE - This image will update over time so the text I write now may not match what you see]

As of today I have found 201 geocaches in two countries (the US and the UK).

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas FOs

Finished Object #1, Tija Mittens for Mum:

These really could have done with a good blocking but I ran out of time. The tops look a bit square for my liking too. I like the welts I added from the Norwegian Snail Mittens although that front one is obviously still a bit curly at the edges.

Finished Object #2, Dishy Fishies (set of 4) for Thom & Lianna:

Spotted the fishy pattern on a quick glance through the home section on Ravelry. Thought they'd be a quick knit in stash yarn and so knocked up a few for Thom & Lianna for Christmas. Wish I'd made the time to do some decent eyes for them.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Knitted Graffiti: IRL

Following my celebration of yarn-bombing/knitted graffiti/urban knitting last year, I've finally actually spotted some in England, in real life!

Spotted in amongst the Manchester University campus whilst tracking down a nearby Earthcache with a friend.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

WIP: First Fair Isle

The Fair Isle is now progressing quite nicely, it's recognisable as a mitten (which is what it's supposed to be). Since the following photo was taken, I've finished the thumb off on this first one and knitted the cuff of the second. Just working on the welt at the top of the cuff.

It's not terrible for a first go at colourwork, I'm not totally thrilled by the project but at least I've tried. Next time I see a colourwork project it might not get ruled out straight away... itching to start something new though, something with lace and/or cables. Go go go!!


Finish projects first!


I am being quite a good girl really. I've STILL not cast on the Damson for the Damson KAL which started on November 16th, instead I've finished two whole projects! After this one I think I will be allowed to start it (plus the stuff for the Duke's production of It Snows - they want knitted scenery, props and costumes!)

Also, this is a Christmas project for someone so I really ought to get it finished :)


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