Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Fence

Discovered the 'meaning' of the weird painted thing on the CMU campus this morning when browsing Wikipedia. Here's some photos of how it looked today:

"We do it in the hallway because we don't have a lounge"

Not so clear because there were things in the way and the path changed direction. "Sexy 6E", I think, plus a bunch of names: "The Lounge Girls + boy".

Today I saved a few pennies (or, in fact, dollars) by taking sandwiches. I ate them on a bench near Wean Hall (where Computer Science currently is - they're moving in August). There was a cute little bird with me for a bit so I kept feeding him sandwich crumbs and fragments of crisp.

This evening I've done not much. Got lost a little on the way home because I was trying to read and walk. Made it home and was a little miserable. Was also pretty tired, the evenings are hard work because I want to go to bed and know I need to stay awake to adjust. Am a mixture of lonely and homesick but mostly really just tired and overwhelmed. I know I always find starting a new project hard and I always panic that I won't be able to do it and I'll look stupid but somehow that doesn't reassure me now I'm thinking about how hard this one seems. Hopefully it'll all look better in the morning - and if it doesn't, well at least it's Friday.

As a method of making the three months I'm here seem sort of survivable I've worked out that I'm here 89 more days and have 44 chocolate bars. As a result I've decided not to eat one tonight to cheer me up. Next chocolate day is Saturday and then I think it's one every other day - right?

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