Friday, 29 May 2009

Early to Bed... Mostly

With everyone in the UK safely in bed by around 8pm Pittsburgh time, it's been really nice to just go to bed when I'm tired, without any distractions (noone to say 'Oh, but my routing algorithm nearly works, looklooklook'). And mostly, I've been in bed, ready to sleep, not later that 10:30pm. Except on two occasions - one tonight, and one some weeks ago - what was I doing on those occasions? Watching YouTube.

Why??? The last time was Legally Blonde the musical - I spotted it in someone's Facebook status and over the course of the evening sat down and watched the whole thing (in 18 parts). Was it any good? It got better as the show progressed certainly, I actually thought it was kind of sweet. And given I didn't think much to the film at all - this was definitely much better. I've actually put the CD on my Amazon wishlist (is this something I should be confessing to? I'm not sure).

So what was I watching tonight? Britain's Got Talent. Again prompted by Facebook status messages, this time lots of them, all talking about Holly Steele. Started out watching Holly's audition, and then went back to the start of the playlist her video was in and seemed to be watching a selection of highlights from the episodes. I'm up to episode six so far and will save the rest for another day. Here's my favourite:

Oh my!

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