Sunday, 30 September 2007

No longer vagrant Saffy!

I have a place to reside - hurrah! Moved into Chancellors Wharf today with the help of Hobnob and Clare. Have mostly been trying to decide where things should live in my new room.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

I'm not just here to use up air!

Went to a Duggie praise party in Halewood (Liverpool) on my way to Dad's before I go to Liverpool tomorrow. Saw Pete (Mr.) and Doug which was kinda nice. We (Thom & I) went with some of the kids from what was Friday Club. He did a trick I've not seen before - the vanishing yellow ban(d)ana - which was cool.

Got the train afterwards with Thom who was on his way to Formby to see Lianna. Met the scary lodgers - Pete & Michael. Michael seems very young! They disappeared to wash-up as soon as I came in so I pottered for a bit and am going to bed with my newly arrived book swaps.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My brain needs an off switch!

I don't like those nights where you go to bed wanting to go to sleep (because it's already later than it should be) but somehow you can't stop thinking. I read a book until half-twelve and then forced myself to stop so I could sleep. I close the book and turn the light out and then my head starts going...

Should have kept reading the book :)

Monday, 24 September 2007

Some Tasty CSS

Testing HTML/CSS things and want to see the border? How about:
border: medium double rgb(250,0,255)
(borrowed from this example)

Lovely! (And I still haven't found my CSS issue.)


My code works. I have solved a great puzzle of confusingness with all the foreaches in the world (or nearly all). Time to go to bed!

Random Misery

Why do people have moments of just :( with no reason at all?

Completely unrelated:

How was that ever a sensible way to call a parent class's constructor? PHP4 is so odd.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Coding Hard

Well, maybe. I haven't actually written any code yet today, but I've been importing some data instead. All news posts are now in the new database as well as the old one so I guess I need to write some stuff to go find them.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Talk Like A Pirate Day knickers!

Went to Buxton today and bought some knitting needles and wool. I haven't tried to knit in years but remember being quite useless - seemed like a fun thing to try again (and might save me ploughing through so many books, maybe). I sat down when I got back and attempted to understand some instructions that supposedly told me how to cast on - I got as far as tying a slip knot.

Am going out with Dave tonight to see a film, we haven't decided what (it was my job and I haevn't done it), should be good.

In other excitement... I'm wearing my Talk Like A Pirate Day knickers!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dog walking

Today I walked Teddy to the Post Office and then Tesco and then Whaley and then my Mum's house, I think he was pretty tired. Picked up my post though which was kinda useful. I didn't hang around for the children to appear home from school, not quite that brave yet!

(The walk was rather pretty; I like the weather at the moment - cold and sunny without gales or rain.)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Woo, all packed!

Finally got everything where it belongs. I've still got to shower, vacuum and make beds before it's
time to go a-journeying!

Packing at Midnight...

... and later. I went to bed earlier but then I woke up and went downstairs. Coming upstairs I noticed that some boxes could be tidied away. One less job to do tomorrow. It's horribly tempting to just carry on organising myself and not go to sleep at all.

Packing and Chaos

I'm so very nearly packed now which is good but still not quite. Rather pleasingly, I have managed to restrain myself on clothes packing for uni. - yay! (I was going to list what I've packed but I figured that may actually be even duller than my usual witter). I still seem to have a few things that feel like they may never get packed; it's good to know I'll be journeying to Lancaster tomorrow so it will all have to have been done.

Other things done today... I bought birthday cards for Harry and Emily (who next have birthdays in 2008) - they were pretty!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Coding or Packing...?

I'm sure I'm supposed to be packing today. Mostly I seem to be looking around at my chaos. When I'm not looking around in confusion I am... coding. I said I wasn't going to code today, not until I've packed lots anyway. I'm sure I could easily get all my packing done today but I know it just won't happen.

(And when I'm neither packing nor coding, I'm sorting out the new PC, hurrah!)

iTunes fun resolved!

I found my problem in the end. I downloaded and installed 1.4.1 and nothing changed. Then I noticed I'd got a version of iTunes in 'Applications' as well as one I knew to be in a 'Media' folder in 'Applications'. Turned out that I had installed a new version (presumably when I had the software agreement pop up at me) but it had gone into the default location of 'Applications' rather than replacing the existing item. After that first time I guess it always opened the old version which didn't like the new library. Some shuffling things round fixed my problem.

I'm slightly confused as to how I opened the new version at all. It's fairly likely I successfully installed iTunes 1.4.1 ages ago but have always run the older version. The older version would have detected the need for an update but once downloaded, Software Update would have found 1.4.1 installed already and so not bothered with it. The 1.3 version was the one in the dock so I guess I must have looked for it in Spotlight sometime this (yesterday) afternoon and so opened 1.4.1 instead.

Hmmm... confusion and unconfusion.


I'm about to save this but I'm stopped by the sudden appearance of exciting rain! If it weren't 3am I'd think about going to run around outside.


iTunes has got itself into a terrible muddle. It's been trying to update to a newer version (7.4.1 I assume) for ages now. Software update would pop up and say it had an update, would go away and download it and would then, once the download was completed, seemed to take another look and say that it didn't want to install anything after all. This has been occurring for over a month now I think.

This afternoon, when I opened iTunes it seemed to think it was running a new version and showed me the software agreement. I assumed that it had caught up with itself and didn't bother to think any more about it.

Now, when I open iTunes (I know I said I was going to bed, but I remembered a quick piece of code I could write) it says:

The file "iTunes Library" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes.

So it seems that whatever it installed has gone away again. I had a look at version.plist and that says it's currently version 1.3.1 that's installed. As I now can't use iTunes at all I've decided to download a copy of 7.4.1 from the Apple site and hope it'll be all happy again...

On the plus side, my code change was a five minute job so I have achieved something by delaying my sleep some more.

Sleepy Tired

Playing Scrabble for two hours after you've decided you were going to bed is bad. I've only stopped now because the applet won't work for me any more. I suspect this is for the greater good.

I should really go to sleep, I've been all over-tired emotional the last couple of days and still I never seem to go to bed on time. Fool.

Goodnight exciting world of internet!

(Tonight's entertainment was brought to you by... Scrabulous and a collection of people across the world who've invested far too much time in getting to be really rather good at the game (and the letter Q)).

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Weather

Why do weather people apologise? What makes the cloud pesky? Clouds are clouds, weather is weather. The weather woman saying she's hopeful that the clouds will break isn't going to make me feel better about the chances of more sunshine in the afternoon. Rain doesn't try to move in, it just happens where it happens.

Today is a day of sunny blue-skies and fluffy white clouds. It's probably warm outside but I'm inside coding :)

New PC

Woo! My new PC has turned up! :)

I shall be a good geek and carry on coding until I reach a sensible place to stop.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Trash TV

My coding isn't working. Slightly frustrating, it seems to be creating four slots when I'm expecting it to create the one. Hmmm....

I've given up for a moment and seem to be watching Neighbours. I have no idea who anyone is but whoever he is he has a dead twin brother he didn't know about. Somehow I suspect he'll now work everything out (after an interesting conversation with his parents) and will magically walk again. Aw, how lovely .

Oooh. My code works. I'd got a for loop counting things a few too many times. Hurrah. (I also should have been expecting it to create three slots, so four wasn't as far wrong as I thought it was). Hurrah.

Sand in my ears

I have sand in my ears, hair and pockets!

Romantic walks on the beach are good.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Double-sided Scrabble Tiles

Chocolate Scrabble has double-sided Scrabble tiles.

Friday, 7 September 2007

The Little People Blog

So I haven't gone to sleep yet... :)

But, the Little People street art blog is awesome. I read about it in the Metro ages ago and have looked at it a couple of times since then, but now I have just remembered it exists again.

See the Little People enjoy commuting.

And now I really do bed. Thank you Lovely Dave.

Can't sleep

And I don't really have anything to write - I guess that means I should be not writing and maybe trying to sleep.

Today (yesterday) has been a bit of a rubbish day. I haven't left the house which is a mistake because days always seem more pointless when you don't go and do something somewhere. I packed all my clothes up (again) this morning so they all have homes now. I still need to decide which ones to take with me to uni. This afternoon I mostly sifted through things, moving them from pile to pile and generally achieving nothing at all. I did some forum setup but that was all wasted when I discovered you could convert the phpBB2 data to phpBB3 anyway. I did the conversion this evening but it needs some work to get it sorted out.

I need to do some more useful organisation tomorrow I think otherwise nothing will ever move from the bedroom floor. I also need to decide what to do with all the books, lots and lots of books! I'm also going out tomorrow so there should be less feeling useless. I have three BookMooch parcels to post and then a trip into town to meet work people for evening entertainments.

My eyes are tired. Maybe I should try sleep again.

Rubbish me

I hate crying when people are mad at me.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

All the people in the world

(Or at least all my friends in the world) ... should live in the same place.

It seems a bit rubbish that wherever I am there are people to be missed. I like knowing all the people I know and I'm glad they're my friends but I don't like not being able to live near all of them at the same time.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I don't understand

What makes someone wait at a pedestrian crossing for a gap in the traffic before pushing their (empty) pushchair into the road and then pressing the button?

People are weird.

Beware Saffy's that shop too much!

I am all broken from shopping. On the plus side, I went out with a list and bought things on it. On the not quite so plus side, I can't carry as much as I think I can.

But....! (And I know you shouldn't start sentences with "But".) Nice ladies that help you carry bags are good. Two separate ladies insisted they helped carry my bags from the station to home (one to my road and then another from the end of the road to my house). It was greatly appreciated, I hope someone does the same for them another day.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


A good Scrabble word if ever there were one. I played against myself today (awww...) but I got to put down Zealous and Pious and some other good words I have already forgotten.

Also, we discovered my computer doesn't work. Tomorrow I shall order a new one.

Oooh, and we made iChat work!

That's it.

Monday, 3 September 2007


I am cross with some machine in the world somewhere. I have finally reached a point on my e-signup code where it's worth putting the data into the database so I can test things and... phpMyAdmin doesn't work. It's not that our sites don't work, because I've tried viewing different bits of them and everything seems fine. I can see how much (too much) mail everyone is hording but I can't query the databases. Gah. I assume that they version of the database I could play with is on another box somewhere hidden away...

So now I am plotting queries. It's all exciting.

Oh, and I made a pretty database diagram in OmniGraffle because I lost the paper one.

It seems to have been a sort-of productive day though, stuff has reached a point where it might work soon maybe (or at least some testing might work).

In unrelated news, I am not especially hungry but crave some form of biscuity/sugar goodness.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ginger Nuts

Ginger Nuts are my thought for the moment. I like various kinds of biscuits but each one has moments where they suit and moments when they don't. Ginger Nuts are different. I can't really think of a biscuit eating time when Ginger Nuts don't work.

Hurrah for ginger biscuity goodness!


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