Saturday, 28 March 2009

More Sock Knitting (and Shopping)

Progressing slightly on the new socks and got a much better picture (thanks to Hobnob's ability to take photos that aren't blurred :)):

The photo shows the pattern off a little bit but I suspect it's just not very easy to see without wearing it on one's foot. The pattern is from knitty and is nice and easy - hurrah! The leg is 6 repeats of 11 rows - I've done three full repeats plus two rows at the moment so over half way down the leg. My calculations for ravelry still only make this around 10% of the pair :)

Also, I finished the previous pair of socks and wore them to work on Wednesday. Comfy :)

And finally, I've just bought lots of pretty sock yarns from p2tog. I've found some not-wool sock yarn for Hobnob too - he's chosen this pattern for his socks in Wendy Happy Virgo.

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