Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fresh Start

Today I finally restarted a sleeveless sweater I abandoned in January this year.

It doesn't look like this right now, but I hope it will soon.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FO: Boyfriend Socks

More socks for Mr Me.

This acrylic/nylon blend was bought at Natural Stitches during his visit when I stayed out in Pittsburgh for three months in 2009. Red is his preferred colour so this yarn was very much up his street. Despite the crinkles in the photo, the socks are actually a snug fit.

Pattern: Boyfriend Socks by Alice Bell.
Yarn: Berroco Comfort Sock in colourway True Red.
Mods: None.
Project: online at Ravelry.

Monday, 12 November 2012


I recently found myself thinking again about weaving. However, looms are pricey things and I really didn't fancy spending in excess of £100 just to see what it was like. As I followed links around the Internet though, I came across a few people who had "played with" a Spears Weaving Loom, typically bought from eBay for a fairly reasonable price. So, off I went to eBay...

This weekend was my first chance to get it out and have a go. Despite the best of intentions I didn't get close to finishing up with a scarf. I did manage to finish 'spanning' the loom though:

82 warp threads. Nothing too exciting to start with, just some acrylic DK leftovers. Not sure if I'll get any time this week but I hope to get back to this soon.

Friday, 9 November 2012

FO: River Socks

I've been wanting to knit these socks forever. I've had the pattern printed out and in a project bag with the yarn for in excess of a year now. So when I was looking around for another travel project, these seemed like a great choice:

I love the twisted stitches and the anatomical toe.

Pattern: Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä
Yarn: Stylecraft Pure Luxury Merino DK in colourway Cornflower from Hesters Haberdashery (Lancaster Indoor Market)
Mods: None
Project: Online at Ravelry

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Little Gifts

There's very little more exciting than the arrival of a squishy parcel in the mail. Today's squishy packet is my fibre club installment from easyknits. 50% White Corriedale, 25% Grey Corriedale and 25% Banana.

Oh for more time at the spinning wheel!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


It's been really quiet on the blog of late. More than once I've thought about coming back and posting something but life has been getting in my way and my enthusiasm for knitting was struggling to find a moment to peek out from under my workload. Since my workload is unlikely to alter much for a while I figured I'd just have to "put on my big girl pants" and get on with it.

Right now I have a number of knitting projects on the go:

1) Another Calorimetry that I started and finished earlier last weekend when I was mooching around feeling ill (just a cold, I'll survive). Sadly, I didn't judge the size quite right and I think I need to reknit the whole thing with a few extra stitches (and a smidge more yarn than I probably have available).

2) A cute little "Movie Star Scarf" which I also started this week whilst snuffling on the sofa. This is being knit from some handspun and that in itself makes it quite an exciting project. There's definately some scope for improvement in the future but I'm very pleased with the way this yarn has come out.

3) The first of a pair of Cadence Socks in a gorgeous Old Maiden Aunt sparkle sock yarn.

I've also got a selection of swatches and things that are still begging to be sweaters but I'm not sure I can handle the commitment right now.


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