Thursday, 14 August 2008

Shared Memory... explanation?

I'm trying to justify why I'd implement RPC over message-passing in a distributed architecture. To get round to this bit I need to suggest alternative methods... the main one being shared memory. Only problem is I then have to assemble some sensible words suggesting what shared memory actually is - something more informative than "it's memory, shared between multiple devices". Hmmm....

I've got a nice picture though, 1000 words and all that (I really don't need any more 1000s of words!).

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

C# Books

Stu's just asked me about C# programming books. When I last did any C# it was version 1.1, just, I started my project at version 1.0 and finished up using version 1.1. Still, the book I used was the first edition of what is now this book: The C# 3.0 Programming Language. I'm glad to see the book has continued because it was by far the best when I was looking for something to learn from/reference. Like the K&R C book, it provides the specification, it's nice and clear and it's not full of specific useless examples - hurrah.... maybe one day I'll find the need to come back to C# and have a look at the new edition... once it's available.

Mental_Floss Brain Game - "Questionswers? Answestions!"

Today's mental_floss brain game "has only four questions, and the questions are all about each other. Or the answers are all about each other. Or both. I’m not quite sure."

It's only a quick quiz but I enjoyed the thinking. Slightly less monotonous than writing words about things I did the thinking for ages ago.

Try the quiz here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Is it pseudocode or pseudo code? Wiki seems to say it's one word but Microsoft Word is not convinced. Also, finding the Wiki article using EasySearch works for both "pseudo code wiki" and for "pseudocode wiki", but the second leads to a reccomendation that you try the first so maybe they need convincing at EasySearch's engines too. I think I prefer it as one word... either way I've been writing lots of it :)

I've been using this nice little style guide thing which seems to suit me quite well subject to a few alterations (though the style guide also seems to think it's two words).

I feel like I'm sort of making progress with this write-up stuff now but it does take such a long time. I think my structure's kinda there though.

Antonym of setup...?

Any suggestions?

I think I might give up and refer to the pair as being scaffolding :)


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