Saturday, 30 May 2009


A good word to describe last night's dinner.

Last weekend I bought some handmade burgers from whole foods and froze them. Big, thick burgers with real meat in them. I pulled one out of the freezer on Wednesday night with the plan to have it for Thursday's dinner.

Thursday became Friday when it turned out there was a lunchtime talk on Thursday (the sandwiches I'd brought would never have been eaten otherwise - we always go out to lunch on Friday so I couldn't just carry them over). So... Friday dinner.

I have no grill, so decided to fry the burger and press it on a paper towel to remove the grease before putting it in my burger bun. I figured that just before it was done, I thought I'd drop an egg in the pan and have that too. Got to a point where it looked pretty cooked around all the outsides so I gave it another few minutes for safety then grabbed an egg and gave it another few whilst the egg cooked. All done, I assembled the burger - looking good!

Er, no. Sadly as soon as I bit into the burger it wasn't really as cooked as well as it should be in the middle. Removed the burger from the burger and threw it back in the pan. Turned the heat back on and up a few marks for good measure and then sad down and ate the fried egg sandwich.

Went back, checked on the burger, all was good. It seemed to be cooking nicely, so I picked up the knitting I had been doing earlier and progressed some on that. Turned at the end of the row, had a think about the cooking and decided that I'd go and see how cooked it was at the end of the next one...

About a third of the way through the 'next one' I thought I could smell burning. Now my knitting chair is all of two metres from the oven (max) with no doorways in between and this smell was pretty faint but being the concerned Saffy that I am, I thought I'd check it out straight away. What did I find?

My burger had indeed burnt on the bottom side. About a 2mm layer of charred meat covered the base of the burger - not so good. But that was not all! It turned out, that the spatular I had left in the ban for the purpose of turning the burger had melted a bit. Tiny bit of the handle was stuck to the edge of the pan and a somewhat larger chunk of the spatular itself covered the base of the pan. Ooops!

Having turned the heat off, I sliced off the bottom of the burger and threw it in the bin. Ate the rest in a new burger bun with the salad - a small section of it was still vaguely pink - it didn't taste of tefal but probably should have done :)

Maybe for the other burger I shall try oven cooking?

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