Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Problem of Self-Checkout

Well actually, self-checkouts have a number of problems - this one is unique to shopping in a country other than the usual one.

So, barcodes all scanned, time to do the veggies...

(Image from Wikipedia)
1) Press the loose items button.
2) Presented with an A-Z.
3) C for Courgette... no, wait it's not a courgette. Oh, crap what do they call it??
4) Think a bit.
5) Zucchini! That's the one. I'll have one of those.

In other shopping excitement, I have managed to track down paracetamol - turns out it's known as acetaminophen in the US. Clearly though, there's no fear of people overdosing on these things over here:

Yes, that's 100 paracetamol caplets at 500mg each. Can you imagine trying to buy that in the UK? They also come in rather larger packets - 500 paracetamol anyone?

And finally, I have bought a plantain. I've never bought a plantain before - I think I've only ever eaten plantain about twice. Still, yum yum - now what to do with it?

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