Sunday, 10 May 2009


Thanks to Strictly Guiding for her blog post about this, I'd never have spotted it otherwise.

(grabbed from this article from the Kidderminster Shuttle)

On the one hand, wow - what an acheivement. And on the other, someone has a proper obsessive thing going on there - I do hope it's the girls and not the parents. At least kids grow out of these things :)

Still, they'll have no trouble at Guides, there seem to be somewhat less badges to be done at Guides than Brownies now. I should do a count.

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  1. It's weird though, my daughter loved earning badges at Brownies, nothing like those girls but a bit more than the average because if she was ever bored at home I'd tell her to open her badge book, yet she's been at Guides four months now and she's only done one, and she's happy with that. I think she enjoys a different focus at Guides.



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