Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WIP Wednesday: Verity

I was beginning to feel like I would never complete any of the projects currently on my needles, and I had so many things I was itching to cast on. So on Saturday I finally gave up and started this week's work-in-progress, a Verity:

(you can view the project on Ravelry, here)

A few days later, and although it may not be obvious from the picture, this hat (just in case you were wondering) is almost there. I'm about half-way round the brim and sometime soon I'll need to pay a visit to the market to pick out a button.

The pattern is lovely although I am unsure whether my finished object/head will quite do it justice, but the yarn is really, really lovely. It's soft and squishy and a pleasure to knit with. I am just slightly concerned it may start to look fuzzy and worn quite quickly though.

Looking forward to a finished object very soon - hopefully it'll motivate me to do some more finishing.


  1. Oooh that's really pretty!

  2. Beautiful color! I'm in love with about a zillion of Ysolda's patterns, and this one's pretty dreamy.

  3. I agree, amazing color. I'm excited what color/shape you decide to pick for the button!

  4. Very pretty! Thanks for the link.

  5. This is going to be lovely. You can never go wrong with a Ysolda pattern. She's one of my favorites. I like the pretty variegations in the yarn. A big wooden button in a darker tone would highlight it beautifully, IMO.



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