Friday, 26 November 2010

FO: A Wee Bag

On Thursday lunchtimes a small group (read 'very small') of folks at the University meet to knit (most often)/crochet/spin, eat lunch, and chat. This Thursday, as I pulled my intended knitting (the second of the October colourwork socks) out of my bag, I realised I'd forgotten the pattern. Since the pattern starts with a non-standard toe, I clearly wasn't going to be working on that. Instead, I pulled out the tiny bit of spindle spun yarn I plied last month and a 4.5mm circular needle and started casting on some stitches. After a quick discussion with Calephetos I settled on the ubiquitous little drawstring bag, as inspired by Mooncalf and Eskimimi.

My yarn was approximately a worsted weight so I cast on just 28 stitches (I did try 40 but it looked suspiciously like it was trying to be a hat). By the end of lunchtime, I was quickly starting to look short on yarn so it wasn't long before I had "Saffie's A Wee Little Bag":

Here's what I did (approximately):

CO 28 stitches.
R1-4: Knit 4 rows of Stockinette in the flat.
R5: K2, twist the left needle 360o (forward, under the work, and then back to the start), *K4, twist*, repeat starred section 5 more times, K2.
R6-8: Join in the round. Knit 3 rounds of Stockinette.
R9: *K2tog, yo*. Repeat starred section to end of round.
Continue in Stockinette until desired length. Join using three needle bind off.

Cute :)

PS - I'm not totally sure what to use this for. It could be a lavender bag (I do love lavender) but it also reminds me of those little bags worry dolls come in - not sure what I do with that thought though...


  1. Look great (I fear I'm getting too much credit for this 'design' though!). Maybe something Christmas gifty? Or somewhere to store earrings or stitch markers?



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