Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cat + Knitting = ?

Our cats are clearly old and boring...

Kirkby tried to bite my knitting needles for perhaps the first two evenings of knitting ever. Then she clearly decided that she'd exhausted all knitting needle related excitement. Molly never bothered with knitting at all.

Apart from that, I've had the yarn from one fair isle mitten knotted for me when I accidentally left it on the floor. Since then, I've continued to accidentally leave projects and balls of yarn in silly places but they always remain intact. Hurrah for old and boring cats!

(Not as cute though, they'd make a really boring video)


  1. Oh you are lucky. Our kittens will not leave my knitting alone. They're driving me insane.

    They have a special pincer movement attack where they paw at the yarn from both sides and no sooner have I removed it from the claws of one kitten than I find the other one chewing on it.


  2. Maybe, but kittens are cute. Cats, in my experience, are fat and lazy.



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