Monday, 1 November 2010

The Knitting Needles That Didn't Want To Be

A tale in 15 parts...

1) A while ago now, the Mosey legwarmers I was knitting sat around waiting to be finished. The reason was simply that I did not posses a set of 4.5mm double-pointed needles.

2) Coincidentally, around this time Kollage had brought out their square double-points which I quite fancied trying. I looked up their UK suppliers and placed an order with the one that had an online shop.

3) Got an email to say they were out of stock until the end of the month. Canceled the order and rang the one other UK supplier to place an order.

4) Waited. Waited some more. Wondered where my needles were. Waited. Phoned the company... out of stock. Canceled my order and went back to the first place - after all, it was almost the end of the month now.

5) Email from company informing me that they weren't going to receive any 4.5mm Kollage needles in that order after all and they had no idea when they would.

6) Emailed my friendly yarn shop in the US. Guess what? No 4.5mm Kollage needles.

7) Altered my Kollage needle order from 5) so that I would receive a set of 5mm needles - I still really wanted to try them and for the i-Cord the Moseys required noone would actually know the difference (plus a few people had said their knitting came out at a tighter gauge on the square needles).

8) Woop, finished Mosey, the Saga was over! Oh no, wait - I'd like to knit Verity. Some 4.5mm double-points you say?

9) Borrowed some 4.5mm needles for Verity.

10) Misplaced the needles so I couldn't pack the project for my travels as planned.

11) Knitted a few other bits and bobs before remembering my Verity plans just in time for a day with five hours train travel in it.

12) Left the 4.5mm needles on the dining room table. Remembered the yarn and pattern though.

13) Was gifted a 4.5mm circular needle by Gwenda at her Handspun spinning workshop. Cast on during the train home.

14) Started Section B of Verity. My nice new circular needle broke :(

15) Dug out the borrowed double-points which I had put in a pile to go back to work. The world is right again :)

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