Thursday, 1 January 2009


New Years Walk, Whernside - Looking back up from just a little way off the top.

This isn't the most exciting of photographs (that isn't my talent) but it's a vague indication of the kind of day we had. Cold (especially when stopping for lunch) but otherwise a nice day, light winds but no rain.

Also good was the pubs afterwards. We stopped in the Station Inn immediately after reaching the bottom (allowing those with cars to rearrange them such that we could get back home again) and then moved on to the Greaves Park for dinner. I've not really been in the Greaves Park before (well, I have once, but before it was taken over by Table Table) so it was an interesting change but probably wouldn't feature in my list of eating places of choice. A reasonably large menu but not one I could instantly find lots of things I wanted to eat on. When the food turned up I like the look of it rather better than looking at the choices on the menu though - not all bad. With assistance I eventually chose a Bison Burger which tasted rather like any other burger to me - I'm sure I was overlooking its finer qualities. The profiteroles were pretty good though.

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