Saturday, 10 January 2009

Edinburgh: Saturday

Lizzie left early this morning but Tom, Lyndsay and I figured since we were so close that we should probably make an attempt to get the rest of the board:
Following last night's card games, we made a fairly relaxed start to the morning. When we did get out, we headed out into the university quarters to try and find the Labyrinth in George Square. Immediately after stepping out of the hostel we stopped to shop across the road - I'm too easily attracted by shops with pretty colours in the window and was lucky to come out with only a skirt! Sadly, when we did find the labyrinth (despite the wind that came suddenly from nowhere to blow us every direction except the one we wanted to walk in), it was closed: only open weekdays. As expected, the labyrinth wasn't full height - it was difficult to tell from the gates whether it was simply line markings on the floor or had a couple of inches of height but I suspect the former. I've never done a labyrinth before so it was a little disappointing to find it closed, that said I can't quite see how you could simply walk and think if you had to look at the floor to see where the path goes! Anyway, here we are in front of the rather grubby sign:

Whilst we were at the university, we also ducked into the foyer (shelter - hurrah!) of their new Informatics building - originally we thought it was in use but looking closer it was quite clear the building hadn't opened yet. So, all done at the university we picked off the last two:
  • George Street (Orange)
  • Princes Street (Purple)
George Street has statues at every junction (or at least I think it's at all of them) but the statues are in the middle of busy junctions (obviously) so didn't really make for great photo opportunities - instead we took our picture looking down the road with the hope of getting many of the statues in... I'm not sure we succeeded.

We'd walked up Princes Street many times throughout the exploration but never stopped for a photo. There's plenty to see along the road and many of the bits of it are in other photos but we hadn't had a picture for the road itself so we stopped to get one with the castle in the background.

All done, we stopped back off at Lady Stairs Close and did the Writer's museum there, visiting the folk music shop we'd seen doing the Bank whilst on the way. After the Writer's museum we headed back to the hostel via the Cathedral (some lovely stained glass but no photos allowed inside without the purchase of a permit) and the Museum of Childhood which was just across the road (that place is a maze - I nearly missed most of it!).

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