Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Film in Four Words (Twilight)

Fab colour, naff make-up.
(Image from Wikipedia, more film info at IMDB)

Saw this on my own at the Vue Lancaster this afternoon and overall thought it was pretty good. I saw a trailer for this a few months back and really liked the colour in the starting scenes - a very rich blend of colours (especially greens) is used through this film which I really liked. The film felt like it started very slowly to me, I wasn't really that captured by the film until well over half way through. That said, once it did get going I did really start to enjoy the film. As an adaptation from the book this wasn't half bad - I didn't hate any of the character choices, in fact I thought they were all pretty good (the only exception perhaps being Alice whom I like but she doesn't quite convey the fragility given in the book). The only thing in this film that really grated with me was the make-up, all the Cullens (especially Dr. Cullen) looked like they'd had an accident with some talc, too much on the naff vampire side for my liking.

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