Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I read a thought-provoking post about mistakes today on The Perfect Fit.

As I've been plugging away on this week's WIP Wednesday project, the second of my Allgäu Socks, I've been able to see mistakes in the first that I never knew were there.

Spot it? This is the underside of the sock and the mistake is more visible here than on the pattern section.

There's two of these... do I care? Well, unusually, no - not really.

I can't quite tell why, I normally have a zero-tolerance policy for mistakes in my handknits but these just aren't really bothering me. Perhaps it's just the sheer quantity of work that would be involved in ripping back a sock because you made a mistake on the third pattern repeat, perhaps it actually just doesn't matter.

I can't see a mistake in the second sock yet ;)


  1. I can't see the mistake! It depends on the mistake, I was this afternoon knitting and forgot an increase, and needless to say instead of ripping out 6 rows of the cardigan I am reading everyone's blogs hoping the mistake will go away by itself!

  2. I'm generally pretty laid back about mistakes in my knitting (took me a while to spot yours, so it's definitely not that noticeable!) usually I can live with it far more than I can bear frogging!

  3. If someone's looking close enough to spot this mistake when they are on, kick em! Love the colors.

  4. I can't see the mistake. I am usually fussy about my mistakes. I have been trying to be more laid back about it.

  5. I seriously can't see the mistake at all! I think it looks great and love the color.

  6. It took me a while, but now I see it! And I can't really say it's bothering me either. The colour combo is very fresh!



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