Tuesday, 12 July 2011


For quite a long time now I have bought clothes I loved and then never worn them because I felt them to be appropriate to some particular time or occasion that I simply never encountered.

As I've got older (most noticeably in the last year or so) I've somehow started to realise that (as long as the clothes aren't wholly inappropriate) its ok to wear them in my normal everyday circumstances and that, shock horror, noone else will notice or care.

Today I'm wearing a perfect-for-summer-barbeques-with-friends-who-have-nice-big-gardens skirt, it's fab!


* The skirt is actually reversible - this is today's inside and outside.

PS - This is not the post I was planning to make today. Come back tomorrow for some sock-update photos.

1 comment:

  1. I've been thinking similar things today. I have lots of 'nice' clothes for 'special occasions' which never get worn, as I don't have many special occasions. OTOH I have very few 'normal' clothes. I've decided to start wearing special clothes more. Because I'm worth it!



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