Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Decorating (Part 1)

This week's WIP Wednesday is a little bit different:

Day -1...
Lots of chaos in here, it's all going to have to be rehomed before we can start work.

Day 0...
Good, what's next...?

Day 1: - Let's Go!
Sugar soaping you say? It doesn't look any different to me.

Day 2: - Decisions, Decisions
Nine tester pots, two colour schemes and finally a few decisions made.

Day 3: - Paint inside, cat outside
Time to start really painting.... so which one did we choose?
PS - Note the 1st coat of paint on the ceiling too.


  1. As the only female in my house, if I go a room as my own it would be pink, love the pink and lilac square.

  2. I have a couple of rooms in need of a new coat of paint, so I enjoyed your progress shots. Do we get to see the FO on Friday?

  3. Personally I vote for the Orange!



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