Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shopping Goodies

On Sunday night whilst I waited for Hobnob to finish watching James Bond (yes, I know there's more than one; no, I don't know which one it was - they all look the same to me) I got a bit distracted by yarn.

Ruth had been knitting with some Fyberspates Ethereal (a 4ply cashmere/silk blend) on Saturday which she'd bought in the sale because of some very slight colour imperfections. I figured that although the sale would have changed by now I'd check it out anyway and see what was available. And so I found these:

Two skeins of undyed lace weight yarn - the one on the left is 100% baby alpaca, the one on the right is 80% merino and 20% angora. Both will undoubtedly be part of my next attempts at kool aid dying.

Moving on from the sale, I thought I'd take just a quick peek at what other yarns might be available... and ended up with these:

The one on the left is Faery Wings a 4-ply yarn composed of 67% silk, 23% kid mohair and 10% nylon; the one on the right is a Unicorn Club 4-ply yarn composed of 70% baby llama. 20% silk and 10% cashmere.

Together this all made for another very exciting parcel when it arrived at work yesterday:

Hurray for yarn!

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