Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ravelry Blog Swap: Background/Day 1

I've posted a few times recently about a blog swap I'm participating in. In this swap, which was spawned on the Ravelry bloggers group, Eskimimi has matched up participants such that everyone will received a parcel from one person and will send a parcel to another different person. In each case, only the person sending the parcel knows about the partnership - the recipient doesn't know who is putting together their parcel and how they're getting on until the parcel itself arrives. All the parcels should contain seven mini parcels, one for each day of a week. The idea is that the parcels might provide a little bit of inspiration for us bloggers (as well as making us squee over exciting parcels). My parcel to be mailed is now almost done - everything I shopped for has arrived and I've got another evening or twos work on the item I'm handmaking - then I'll check I'm happy with it all, wrap everything up, stick a note inside and take it merrily to the post office. My recipient is in the UK so they should get it fairly swiftly after that.

So... on Tuesday evening I got home from work and sifted through the post. The knitting needles I needed for my handmade part of the swap are in an envelope which allows me to get started on that project later that evening. Also in the post is a "while you were out" card telling me that Parcel Force has tried to deliver something to me whilst I was out and so they've taken it to my nearest post office. I resolved to collect the item on the way to work the following day...

And so I do:

Here is my lovely box from Norway sat on some damp grass in Ryelands Park. Inside the box are seven tissue wrapped parcels, a little notelet, and a roll of paper that looks suspiciously like it may contain some sort of knitting pattern :)

So, here's parcel number one.

The label for this little parcel was pretty self explanatory:

And in all honesty, that photo probably tells you more than this one of the actual soap. This soap feels lovely and moist though, I look forward to it brightening up my bathroom very soon...

Thanks Fiolinn!

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  1. Excited to see more people receiving parcels now! It's making me hopeful that I might get mine soon :)



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