Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ravelry Blog Swap: Day 4

Here is parcel number four from the Ravelry blog swap (seven parcels opened over seven days, my parcels gifted by Fiolinn in Norway). Unfortunately, this is one of a few parcels that wobbled around a bit in transit and so had escaped most of its wrapping. Still, here's the label...

And the contents:

Two skeins of 123 Luna Wool - a 100% wool worsted weight yarn - as Fiolinn says, ideal for felting. Now felting is one of those things on my knitting to-do list and I do have a few felted patterns in my queue/favourites, some of which could be achieved with one or both of these skeins:

Of these, the French Press Felted Slippers is easily a favourite - I've loved these slippers since I've seen them and I think the blue yarn would suit them perfectly.

I think I feel a project coming on... thanks for the prompting (and the yarn) Fiolinn!


  1. I do love a good felting project and you have given me a couple of new patterns to try. That yarn looks lovely - what a lucky blogger you are.

  2. Fiolinn did some good stalking on that one, then :-)

  3. Hehe, I am glad it is to your liking. Such a shame that the wrapping has come off though, I am so sorry for that!

  4. The slippers are totally cute! And thanks for linking to my felted bowl! Happy felting,


  5. I have never tried felting... lovely colours...



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