Tuesday, 29 September 2009

More Startitus

Started these yesterday. I'd seen the Patons Pompero in the market last week and had to squish it. It's super soft... strangely I felt the need to go back and buy a ball this week just to test it out :) So here is the first of two fingerless mittens:

It was originally going to be a knit and crochet wristwarmer but I couldn't convince myself that this fingerless mitt wasn't better and I did want to try cables in a small project sometime soon (although I also want to try another crochet project).

I did make some adjustments to the pattern:
  • Cast on two fewer stitches than called for in the hope of a snugger fit.
  • Added 4 extra rib rows to the cuff.
  • Added 2 extra rib rows to the fingers.
  • Added 1 extra knit row to the thumb (not shown in the photo).
  • Added 2 extra rib rows to the thumb (not shown in the photo).
Which has all given me a nice long slim mitten - wasn't I supposed to be making this an appropriate size to give as a gift for Christmas? Ooops... :) Who do I know with nice slender hands?

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