Monday, 21 September 2009

Eskimimi Knits

Just spent too much time reading this blog of a local knitter. Here are my highlights...

19th September 2009:

Seasalt, an ethical clothing store in Cornwall, UK are taking donations of handknit scarves to sell in their store. All proceeds will go to the Bumblebee Conservation trust. Scarf donations should be mailed to:

Kathryn Wild
1 Church Street
TR11 3DN

First 'batch' of scarfs will go on sale at the start of October.

11th September 2009:

Super-useful gift tags to help your recipients look after their new hand-knits.

9th September 2009:

Craft your own sock blockers. Much better than previous suggestions I've seen (anyone want to speculate as to the likelihood that I can bend two wire coat hangers even vaguely similarly?). I particularly like the double-ended suggestion.

3rd September 2009:

Neat little pine-tree chart for a pair of Christmas socks she was knitting.

29th August 2009:

Oh man, this is so yummy. A beautiful little scarf I now *have* to knit.

Now, go and spend the rest of your afternoon reading knitty blogs instead of doing any work - and start with Eskimimi!

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