Friday, 18 September 2009

It all goes quiet

There's something about blog posts that makes them congregate. Like buses and busy evenings, you'll go weeks or months with nothing to write about or no time to write it in, only to find a day where everything you do is (in your head at least) worthy of a quick note to remember forever and/or share with others.

Today is undoubtedly still one of those days where I don't actually have much to post. I thought about doing the Friday Fill-In, but it seems a cop-out to fill my blog with memes so I don't have to worry about real content.

So why the lack of posts? I think the most accurate answer would probably be "meh". I've been semi-busy, semi-tired and semi-miserable for a bit and I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything much at all. That sounds more depressed than I really am. I think it's just that end of summer feeling, once I adjust to the darker days (and once I really get going with some PhD work) it'll all be good again.

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