Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sock-in-Progress: Day 4 (Turning the Heel)

I got a little confused by the instructions in the Regia sock pattern but a quick trawl of the web helped clear things up enough that I could work out what the pattern was trying to get out and where the missing 'turn' was.

And so now I'm ready to carry on - perhaps tomorrow after we get back from our New Years walk.

Some curiosities I noticed about the Regia pattern compared to others on the web:
  • The turning of the heel is worked on three needles rather than one. I can sort-of understand this as it removes the need to count at all, you just keep going until the last-but-one stitch in any direction. It does make purling two stitches together a little tricky (as they're on two different needles) and I found it was easier to slip the stitch off the centre needle and then slip it again to get it onto the left outer needle ready to purl together.
  • The turning of the heel starts with a knit row rather than a purl row - I haven't yet worked out if/why this is important :)

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