Friday, 12 December 2008

Friday Fill-In

This week's Friday Fill-In:

1. Friends are blessing I don't ever appreciate enough.

2. Mental health; it's something people don't give enough of their attention to.
This was inspired by Ňạʼněě's fill in post, here. I found this question by far the hardest!

3. I'm ready for things to happen.

4. Ralph Lauren's Romance (perfume) and fresh lavender (smell) is one of my favorite perfumes or aftershaves or smells.

5. The oldest ornament I have is almost certainly not very old - I don't really do ornaments, don't see the point.

6. Take some leeks, corgettes and other vegetables, mix it all together and you have the perfect stirfry.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing *something*, tomorrow my plans include feeling purposeful and Sunday, I want to learn how to knit socks.


  1. Yes, nr 2 was hard! You did very well.
    Love vegetables, love your nr. 6!
    Good luck on Sunday, socks are not easy to knit but it's fun.
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    My FFI

  2. Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend :-)

  3. Ooh! You're gonna try knitting socks. That's very cool. Enjoy your weekend. :)



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