Sunday, 21 December 2008

Film in Four Words (V For Vendetta)

Magic. A better Matrix.

(Image from Wikimedia, more film info at IMDB)

So many of my films at the moment are second viewings and this is no exception. I love this film. I'm not entirely sure why, but it was one of few that live up to my (scant but positive) recollections the second time. Poor Hobnob is bemused (as he often is by my film choices) but I found this film makes me feel like I'm thinking without sharing his need to scour Wikipedia for the details I might have missed.

I wish I had the imagination and intelligence to create art like this. It's beautiful and philosophic all at the same time. An artistic thought experiment, or something...

Anyway, I waffle. I love this film. (Just don't ask me why)

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  1. I love this movie too, it's very cleverly done. I think part of it is the fact that whilst it's obviously not in *this* world, so much of it seems so similar that you can't help but wonder.

    It reminds me of 1984, obviously, but I always came away from reading that feeling like Winston had been misrepresented, I always thought he capitulated too easily and his character hadn't quite held true in the end. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a happy(happier?) ending, at any rate I prefer this :-)

    Plus the Guy Fawkes masks are *awesome*.



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