Sunday, 30 November 2008

Books I Read in November

Total: 4 books.

To die For (Carol Lee)
Trust me, I'm a (Junior) Doctor (Max Pemberton)
Another Day in the Frontal Lobe (Katrina S. Firlik)
A Wayne in a Manger (Gervase Phinn)

My final health matters book (for now at least) To Die For reminded me of the many books on eating disorders that seemed to be floating around when I was at high school. I'm not quite sure what I made of this book but it probably wasn't all that positive.

All library books this month I think - Trust me, I'm a (Junior) Doctor was another health matters. Enjoyed this book, an amusing easy read. Medicine in itself is really quite interesting... but at the same time I'm glad not to endure the long hours and stressful days!

Another library book, Another Day in the Frontal Lobe (14/11) caught my eye on the 'health matters' selection out on display (I do like the library displays for prompting some new reads). A very interesting (and surprisingly straightforward) read full of curious stories of the operating room and neurosurgery.

Once again starting off my list with a nice, easy read - A Wayne in a Manger (11/11) is a real book but is short and sweet with big writing and an adequate number of pictures. Funny and cute and ever so easy to read. I saw this on the shelf in the library and thought it looked like an ideal way to spend the bus journey home.

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