Monday, 19 May 2008

Mangos - what to do with them?

I'm trying to find savoury things to do with a mango and they were BOGOF in Sainsburys. We've been having a very nice mango curry recently, but for two people that's only half a mango and so the remaining one and half sit in the fridge. I've found two other nice-looking recipes on the Internet so far:
They're not really proper mango recipes as such but I might take that back if they turn out to be fantastic. I think I might also try mango sorbet.

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  1. Ah, mangoes... My Grandfather used to own and run a Mango Plantation up in north western australia. Every year he'd send us down a huge carton of mangoes and my Mum would have that same problem - trying to find different recipes for mangoes. We got terribly sick of mango ice cream, let me tell you. :)



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