Friday, 2 May 2008

Books I Read In April

I so read more books than this.


Total: 5 books.

Jesus Freaks (DC Talk)
The Art of Undressing (Stephanie Lehmann)
Nineteen Minutes (Jodi Picoult)
Equal Rites (Terry Pratchett)
Summertime (Rafaella Barker)

I bought Jesus Freaks from the Barnardos bookshop, Lancaster when Dave came up recently.

The Art of Undressing was a Bookmooch wishlisted book that became available from Canada recently.

Nineteen Minutes is finally out in paperback - picked it up as a Waterstones half-price offer of the week. Started it on Friday 4th after finishing Equal Rites and took it way with me when we took the Guides to London. Finished it on the Monday night (07/04) whilst tucked up in bed. Unsurprisingly I enjoyed this book - not sure I was quite as pleased with it as some of her previous novels but it was good. Put it on Bookmooch and it went straight away to Sophie Clarke (UK).

Number three of many - I got through my Discworld book early this month (04/04). I think Equal Rites may have been my favourite so far, maybe. I'm almost tempted to read more than one this month :)

Another library read, I've had Summertime on loan since the end of November last year. Having rediscovered it after a few abandoned attempts I did enjoy this. It's a light, very real, colourful read. Was slightly disappointed to discover at the end of the book (which I reached on the 3rd) that this was the second book about the characters but it stands more than well enough on it's own. Will look out for the other book to read when I get the chance.

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  1. Hey, BookMooch is new to me. Thanks for the link, think I might use it in the future...



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