Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Slacking and beer and a nice new warm scarf!


I have handed in my CORBA report, all three sections of it :)

Got the second section done last night before bed and then finished off this morning before heading to campus to print and submit. (Remembered to submit an electronic copy too). Had a slight stress when I realised I had to hand in code, but I did it and stapled it to the back of the report I'd handed in only a short time before.

Went shopping straight from campus and finished of Christmas gifts. Treated myself to a new scarf after my present one suffered some shrinkage in the wash. Dad came round almost immediately after I got in from town so we went back out again and had lunch and the newish chinese place in town (not that great but ok) and grabbed a pint from the Penny Bank (the beer was very nice and the pub friendly).

Tonight I'm headed round to Hobnob's for tea and then I shall plan to do nothing at all.

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