Thursday, 6 December 2007

Exciting libraries!

No, really.

You can tell I'm not really into my new piece of work yet, here's my second Stumble of the day... "Can you spot the library?". I think the pictures are really cool, I really like the idea but I do wonder how it really works. Does it look as good as it should or is it just odd? Also, would you have to change (update) the books now and again? It'd make it more interesting but also more costly. I guess it'd depend on your choice of books in the first place - ensuring they're suitably timeless. I'm not sure about some of the Cardiff choices on that count.


Oooh, you could play the read all the books on the library game too, a whole new list of things to not get round to finishing!

Also, I'm listening to 'Christmas' tagged music on but it's a bit varied. It was Ding Dong Merrily on High which is great, but I'm now being played L'Âme Immortelle - Life Will Never Be The Same Again and I'm not quite sure how Christmassy that really feels.

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