Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Another day of no work :(

My days keep running away without me and then I get to the end and I have had no day and so I have done no work. It's all very confusing and a bit irritating. Today I was supposed to do lots of Systems Engineering coursework but I haven't really done any at all. Instead I have slept, got up, checked my mail, discovered I was late for a lecture, rushed to campus, sat in a lecture, met with Alan and the bloke from the lecture (more another time perhaps), went to the students' union building to find out about new officers training, went back to computing for a meeting with the bloke from the Knowledge Business Centre about some possibilities for employment, got the bus to my house to do useful things and gone to Hobnob's for tea. Now tea is over and it is late and I have done nothing coursework related.

Time to start an introduction I think...

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