Thursday, 20 December 2007

New Jeans!

Having torn yet another pair of jeans up the legs last night I have been to town to replace them. I didn't get the ones I saw on Monday but instead resolved to try on anything and everything and find something that almost fits :)

Unsuprisingly I ended up at Internationale, their size 8s are pretty varied but I managed to find something that was not too huge. Described on the label as "bling" jeans I think I may remove the belt before wearing. Interestingly I found a really close fit at New Look today in the 915 stuff which hasn't happened for a while, I almost bought them but then found the bling pair.

In other news.... I have finally written some Christmas cards. I figured that if the last post is tomorrow I should probably do any of those that require posting. I received lots of cards today too, I now have a grand total of 6 cards (of which 50% have come from Hobnob's family, hehe). I've almost wrapped all my presents and I have basically bought them all so that's it all sorted. I bought another roll of wrapping paper to finish things off today. It's not real paper though, sort of foily stuff which is interesting.

I've almost finished my first book in ages, The Principessa by Chrisie Dickason which I've really enjoyed. Might see if I can mooch this book and her (at least one) other. I spotted that Oliver Sacks seems to have a new book out so I shall add that to my list of eagerly awaited paperbacks. Hopefully once Christmas is out of the way they'll start releasing some :)

Tonight at Guides we made gingerbread men so now I am plotting my cooking for tomorrow. I've got a couple of recipe books out of the library to inspire me.

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