Friday, 27 July 2007

The Cute Guy With The Umbrella

This wasn't actually what I was going to call this post, but it's as good as anything else I can think of.

It rained today! Very very heavily just as I left work. I left my jumper off as it was still warm and enjoyed getting soaked. But a very nice bloke shuffled close to me at the crossing so I could stand under his umbrella. He then walked with me to the tube which I thought was very sweet :) Thank you nice person with the umbrella from the meeting, I hope someone does something nice for you too!

Today's other bits of excitement... (I'm sure there were lots of them when I got in)

- Oooh! Owing to being soaking wet and shivering I had a very good hot shower just after I got home. I don't get to enjoy my showers so much at the moment because they generally occur too early in the morning. Very nice.

- My book from the late bookmooching man hasn't arrived yet. I suspect it will be "lost".

- Simon offered to have Mark's children at work today.

- I have forgotten what I was going to write and I know I had stuff.

Anyway... We went to Fran's tonight for a farewell meal which was really nice. There seemed to be an awful lot of people there for one reason or another (though there often is at Fran's). It's kinda odd not to be seeing them all around again lots though :( Had a very nice meal with Haze, Chris, Fran, Beth, Corrinne and Peter. Geoff and Warren were around for a bit before going for a curry and then Dave Bignall dropped round and Shannon came with Jo. A few other members of the church were also about (doing something spiritual I assume). It was good to see so many people before I go.

It's now rather on the late side for going to bed and there's another 150 pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to read before sleep.

Oh, and they're laying tarmac on the road outside my window - at 11pm! It's just a bit noisy but smells lovely.

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