Wednesday, 4 January 2012

In Stitches: 2011

Another New Year!

I have mixed feelings about 2011s knitting. In numbers, 2011 looks similar to 2010. 19 finished projects (plus a swatching experiment and a mini sock). There were more (documented) failures though - socks that are still in hibernation,(rav 1 & 2) a scarf that was just too scratchy,(rav) and a shawl where a beautiful yarn conspired to hide a beautiful pattern(rav). Plus a barely documented (but bitter) failure: a tank top that grew beyond all recognition.(rav)

Back to the finished projects...

This year I've finished seven pairs of socks: five for me and two for 'him'. I am particularly fond of my Ribbed Ribbon Socks(rav) - the pattern is simple but effective. Despite my firm assertion that lace socks have nothing on twisted stitches, these are probably my favourite socks of the year.

Other favourites:
  • Maeva:(rav) it took perseverance to get the sizing right, but the pattern looks great, introduced me to a cheap yarn (£2.60 for 100g) and was the first project where I experimented with adding stitches as I got higher up the leg (I have unusually round legs for a not-very-round person, adding stitches allowed me to get a proper length sock).
  • Both of 'his' socks:(rav 1 & 2) the slipped-stitch patterns on these are really effective.
  • Citron:(rav) my first (and, to-date, only) foray into laceweight. I love the yarn and it's perfect for this pattern. I've only worn the shawl once (someone do inform me how I fit these into my everyday) but it's gorgeous.
  • Hey Te(a)ch:(rav) this was the first pieced garment that I started and the second I finished (Gwen was the first finished). It fits well, is still a colour I love and is a) totally wearable for the everyday (in summer) and b) machine washable. Love.
And the not so good?
  • The tank top of doom:(rav) Enough said.
  • Mallard Mittens:(rav) These look nice but they don't fit that well.
Hmm... actually, with the exception of the aforementioned failures, I don't particularly dislike anything I've knit this year... I think my mixed feelings about 2011 knitting come from the fact that I feel like I could have somehow done more or better. Either I need to lighten up, or I need to make and keep some knitting resolutions this year!

(Or both).

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