Tuesday, 10 January 2012


We're a week (and some) into 2012 and this year I'm challenging myself with three simple resolutions:

This is a follow-on from this years (I think) improved behaviour with regards to yarn buying. I felt like I bought less last year than the previous year... but did I? This year I just want to get a grip on exactly what my stash looks like and how it changes through the year. No promises to use more than I buy or any of that - I just want to *know* what I'm doing*.

This *should* be an easy one (at least the first half). I've made it to week 7 of couch25k, but as work deadlines have stacked up I've been finding it harder to get out of the office. So... I've put it here. It's on paper and people have seen it and now I have to do it.

A very modern malady - like so many others I find myself increasingly bouncing from one thing that 'needs to be done' to the next. I am ashamed to say that I didn't see my grandmother at all in 2011 (she lives 20 minutes down the road). A hermit no more, I will arrange to see people this year AND I will spend a little more time at home just being me.


* I will aim to know what I am doing in this very specific context. Knowing what I am doing in the broader sense is pretty unlikely.

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