Wednesday, 10 August 2011

FO: Ribbed Ribbon Socks

The first in a series of finished objects, I'm not too sure why they took so long to reach the blog.

These are my Ribbed Ribbon socks. There's a lot to like about these, they're a reasonably straight-forward repeat but not so mindless that there's acres of time to get bored. The socks are a lovely green and the yarn is pretty squishy. I even thought to add stitches to the leg so I could use up a little more yarn (my socks always seem to weigh in around 60 grams).

I do find it slightly weird that the pattern doesn't continue around back of the leg though (I've done this once before but it was an accident):

Pattern: Ribbed Ribbon Socks by Wendy Johnson.
Yarn: CraftsMeow Soft Serve in Granny Smith.
Mods: For extra width on leg added four stitches at repeat 6, row 13; repeat 7, rows 1 and 13. New stitches were added using m1s on the plain knit portion of the leg and using pfb to hide them in the purl ribbons on the patterned sections.
Project: Online at Ravelry.

This was my first go at the Turkish cast on. It's easy to do and nice looking but my cast on gauge seems slightly looser than the rest of the knitting.

I look forward to wearing these when winter comes (looking out of the window, this may not be as far off as it seems). It's been grey and rainy all day today :(

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