Monday, 15 June 2009

carcarsad :(

The carcarcar has failed its MOT. This is not entirely unsurprising but it has made more more unhappy than I expected. Maybe something to do with timing... I can't really afford a new car until we've got the wedding budget sussed - something that's unlikely to happen for a while (and even then I suspect the conclusion may be that I can't afford it as all the car money will suddenly have vanished).



  1. Oh dear, did it fail on terribly big things? Maybe super-hobnob might be able to do some fixing? Peter managed to do some fixing on ours in the past.

    The garage we've been using in Galgate has always been very fair to us as well though, so if you need a recommendation of a second opinion I'd say D. A. France. (Sounds like some kind of medical drama..)

  2. Some fixing is in progress :)

    We can put 'a new car please' on the wedding gift list, just incase!




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