Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Apache VCL

I'm currently attempting to install Apache VCL on my local machine. I've no idea how this will work, if it will work, and have an overall suspicion that for our purposes, it will not. However...

Things to note so far:
* The installation instructions actually seem pretty thorough.
* Got stuck with a redirect problem but it turned out to be this - set the cookie domain to "" and the problem goes away.


  1. Hi is there any update on this?

  2. Not really. I think shortly after this we ruled out persuing VCL any further for the following reasons:

    * DHCP not straight-forward for arbitrary machines over a university network, these things are usually locked down pretty tightly
    * VCL's dependancies - either xcat (not built for Debian) or a version of VMware. Not ideal for us, we were sort of attached to Debian and generally used VirtualBox over other virtualisation platforms.
    * Installation instructions didn't tie up to current version. Simple but a pain. Just after saying the instructions had been great I reached a point where the instructions totally didn't match what I was seeing and therefore I had no idea what to do. I suspect this has been/will be resolved as the project continues to move along but we were working within a relatively short time frame.

    In the end we went away and implemented the bits of the functionality we were looking for from VCL.



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