Friday, 31 October 2008

Look Wider

Being ill seemed like a good chance to get on top of some of my 'personal' guiding stuff, those things I want to do outside of running units. This afternoon I have sat down and gone through Look Wider, the scheme for Senior Section (16-25s) and written myself the following to do list/plan to finish off the Octants:
  • Gather supporting evidence for musical activities scheme.
  • Mail off completed musical activities scheme book to Arts Advisor.
  • Give up chocolate for November 2008.
  • Understand my asthma (I wonder why this would be useful... :))
  • Record what I eat for one week and consider how healthy it is/could be.
  • Pass my driving test.
  • Watch and review two foreign films.
  • Complete clause two from the compulsory clauses of the Commonwealth Award.
  • Find *something* to do for Phase Three of International. Switzerland would count for this if it happens.
  • Complete ALQ Module One for Brownies.

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