Saturday, 4 October 2008

Books I Read in September

The Fantastic Book of Everybody's Secrets (Sophie Hannah)
Gifted (Nikita Lalwani)
The Final Reckoning (Sam Bourne)
Hurting Distance (Sophie Hannah)
My Favourite Wife (Tony Parsons)
The Book of Air and Shadows (Michael Gruber)

I used to hate books of short stories but seem to have discovered over the past year or so that they are actually generally quite fun - and usually pretty weird, The Fantastic Book of Everybody's Secrets (28/09) is no exception. Gone to Fleur Fisher (UK) via. BookMooch.

I enjoyed Gifted just enough to hang onto it for a reread. I can't quite recall if it was supposed to be based on fact, but I assume that given these two pages (one and two) that it probably was.

The wealth of Da Vinci Code mirrors seems to have reduced substantially in the last year which is probably for the best. Perhaps with this in mind, The Final Reckoning seemed somewhat weaker than Sam Bourne's previous novels. That said, it was an easy read with enough plot to keep me interested and was rather better than the (similarly styled) The Book of Air and Shadows. Gone to Chris Wilkinson (UK) via. BookMooch.

Hurting Distance is the second book by Sophie Hannah that I've read, the first being Little Face and I think she may slowly be becoming someone I might look out for in the future. Like Jodi Picoult's novels, these seem to be crime novels where the interest is not really in the crime at all but in all the other things added to the genre (which is good because I can't imagine ever reading an ordinary crime level unless truely desparate). Anyway, a clever and interesting book. Gone to Jasmin (Ireland) via. BookMooch.

My Favourite Wife - Better than the last Tony Parsons I read, but maybe not as good as some of the others before that. Gone to Lyonsy (Ireland) via. BookMooch.

My first Da Vinci Code style novel in a while, The Book of Air and Shadows is a long but quick, easy read. Not one of the better ones in this style but probably not the worst either. Gone to Kirk McElhearn (France) via. BookMooch.

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