Monday, 3 September 2007


I am cross with some machine in the world somewhere. I have finally reached a point on my e-signup code where it's worth putting the data into the database so I can test things and... phpMyAdmin doesn't work. It's not that our sites don't work, because I've tried viewing different bits of them and everything seems fine. I can see how much (too much) mail everyone is hording but I can't query the databases. Gah. I assume that they version of the database I could play with is on another box somewhere hidden away...

So now I am plotting queries. It's all exciting.

Oh, and I made a pretty database diagram in OmniGraffle because I lost the paper one.

It seems to have been a sort-of productive day though, stuff has reached a point where it might work soon maybe (or at least some testing might work).

In unrelated news, I am not especially hungry but crave some form of biscuity/sugar goodness.

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