Sunday, 5 August 2007

Fat Legs

Today was a day of much shopping. Having wrecked a pair of trousers at camp last week, I then split the pair I was wearing unloading the luggage yesterday. With no sensible trousers to speak of available to me I thought perhaps buying myself a nice pair of jeans might be a good thing.

To make life a bit more merry, visit their toilet and to use up a £2 voucher I paid a visit to Borders first (I was going to say quick visit, but that would be a fib). I like books so this was a very good start to the afternoon. Having got that out of the way, I then went to Next to start on the buying-a-pair-of-jeans excersise.

I don't think I understand clothes shops. There must be many people in the world that are roughly the same size and shape as me - so where do they all buy their trousers? It seems that short skinny people that buy jeans all have no shape. It's impossible to buy a pair of jeans that fit over my legs and hips and don't have at least 4 inches of unwanted waist. What kind of women have waists that are the same size as their hips anyway?

I did eventually find a pair in MK1 that aren't too obviously huge round the waist (you can't see my knees by looking down my trousers) so have bought them. They're far too long, but this is much easier to fix.

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