Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The 2nd Solution

"Dizzy Dolphins" - A triangular jigsaw puzzle thing with hundreds of possibilities but only two correct solutions. It's been under my bed for many years now. Every time I see it, I pull it out and have a go. I've numbered the backs of the pieces and when I first found a solution I wrote it down. Whenever I've solved it since, I've checked my solution against the paper to see if my solution is the same one and it always has been. So today I did the puzzle, checked the paper and got excited. I wrote down my new solution which had a different top piece and decided that I can finally get rid of the puzzle. I came downstairs to record this momentous occasion in my blog and then remembered... a triangle has three sides. This triangle is an equilateral which means its sides are the same length and it looks the same any way up. My solution is a rotation of my other solution. Muppet.

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